Benefits of Sealcoating Asphalt Pavement

The two most common benefits to sealcoating asphalt pavement is that is beautifies the property and extends the life of the pavement

Some of the benefits are basic while some sound complicated and may intimidate many, but we will simply the process using a simple approach to this topic.

Many property owners hire sealcoat contractors because they like the appearance of sealcoating as it gives the pavement that “new” look, while others buy the service to extend the life of the pavement by preventing moisture from reaching the base causing the foundation of the pavement to weaken.

Benefits to sealcoating asphalt pavement:

  • Beautifies the pavement
  • Protects resulting in prolonging the life of the pavement
  • Environmentally friendly sealer
  • Restores lost properties to the asphalt pavement
  • Increase skid resistance
  • Adds UV protection