Asphalt Sealcoat Manufacturing License Agreement

Smith Brothers Asphalt & Concrete offers an environmentally friendly asphalt emulsion based manufacturing license agreement

The Smith family popularized and created one of the most durable asphalt sealers on the market using the best components resulting in an asphalt sealcoat, or more specifically, as environmentally friendly sealcoat that is considered a slurry seal.

The cost of the License Agreement is for specific areas. Therefore, License Fee and royalties depends on the area and size of area desired to service and protect.

Unlike other sealcoat products the STM06 has the following features:

  • Is NOT carcinogenic
  • No toxic fumes
  • Is NOT banned by cities or states
  • Is cost effective to manufacture creating high profit margins
  • Excellent investment/business opportunity for investors, asphalt construction and maintenance companies and material suppliers to expand product line and profit margins
  • Plant construction consultation is available

The License Agreement provides you with the following:

  • Recipe to STM06
  • Material List
  • SDS Sheet
  • Basic Plant Design Diagram